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Darrin and Darrin try the new "Bacon Insider Burger" from Jack in the Box

My son and I were able to try the new "Bacon Insider Burger" from Jack in the Box this weekend, and were really digging what Jack was throwing down.  Below is a four and a half minute video showcasing our experience, and is viewable in 720p and 1080p HD.  Enjoy..



  1. Interesting, but not new. Adding bacon to a burger has been around forever but adding it directly into the ground beef has only been done on more gourmet-style burger joints. The danger here is that the bacon may overpower the beef itself and make it rather salty-tasting, though you made no mention of any such saltiness in your video review so I guess Jack In The Box managed a nice balance.

    1. You hit the nail right on the head Luis. I had to edit out a couple minutes of dialogue where we talk about food that we grill using bacon, and hamburgers were one of those we talked about. Jack in the Box indeed did strike a nice balance with the bacon inside the patty. Thanks for watching the video, and take care


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