Dad's Dish Retro Blog Reboot for 2013

Over the course of 2012, there were periods of time that I've given this blog very minimal attention.  I have a lot of varied interests, that sometimes keep me from buying out time that I would like to spend writing here.  First off.. I'm a huge food enthusiast and allot some of my writing time to my food blog.  I'm also a Beer Geek and avid home-brewer, so the food blog also gives me a platform to write about that as well.

Some of my other interests include beach cruiser bikes, bicycle restoration and customization, writing, reading, toy collecting, and anything to do with Disney, Tiki, and Sci-Fi.  Fortunately, most of my interests always intersect with the vintage and retro aspect at some point, so I never run out of topics to write about.  That being said, doing all I can to raise my family properly, sometimes leaves little time to pursue personal interests including blogging.

Less is not more when it comes to blogging.  If you stop producing content, or even slow down enough.. you start losing exposure, as well as readers.  I at one time had several blogs I regularly updated, and have slowly incorporated them into this, my oldest blog.  I've decided to bring one more into the fold.. that being my food blog.  That being said, I will now be able to offer lots of varied content that I hope my readers will enjoy.  I think I've found my happy medium with this blog which will should offer at least one new post per week.

So many friends and family in my life never "got me".  Even some of my closest friends shared very little in common with me in regards to my hobbies and leisure activities.  I've connected with tons of great people over the years online that actually share my same interests, and enjoy listening me talk about them.  Therefore, I feel it my duty to keep turning out fresh content that they are so thirsty for. 

Scheduling my time to write for the blog will help with my new goal.  A fresh coat of paint and new blog banner has also lit a fire under me to do more with the site.  So here's to 2013.. and hoping it will be a great year that produces more great retro content not only here, but across the entire blogosphere.