Book Review - Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual

Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual
The book that should have been in the box
by Peter Meyers 

I recently read a copy of this book that O'Reilly Media provided to me for review.  I was more than happy to take a gander at it, seeing as my first generation Kindle Fire was devoid any type of manual on how to use the Kindle's many useful features.

Since I don't own a smart phone, I'm a bit behind on the new touch technology that e-readers use.  Therefore, this guide was quite helpful as it's written for folks who aren't super techies.  

The Kindle is an unbelievably powerful tool, that has tons of capabilities.  This book taught me how to obtain apps, view vital system info, explained Kindle cloud technology, read PDFs, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, and other docs, how to load pictures and videos, and much more!  You get tons of illustrations and step-by-step instructions along the way, making it super easy to learn how to use the Kindle Fire to its fullest potential.

This is an excellent manual that I highly recommend to anyone that's just entering the world of e-readers.  This book will help you unlock the full power of the Kindle Fire, and I'd venture to say that it may even teach the skilled Kindle user a thing or two.

Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
By Peter Meyers
Print ISBN: 9781449316273  
Ebook ISBN: 9781449319502  
Pages: 280
Print Price: $19.99   Ebook Price: $15.99