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Dad's T-shirt collection

While nothing would make me happier than wearing a suit for upwards of 16 hours a day, I must admit that I've been a T-Shirt freak since I was a kid.  It was probably a couple of years ago when I suddenly realized that the massive stacks of T-shirt's I owned, could rightly be called a "collection".

While organizing and thinning out my collection today, I decided to snap a few pics of my most favorite tee's for your viewing pleasure.  If you don't have a high speed internet connection, God help you.. because there's close to fifty t-shirt images posted here.  (click any image to enlarge)


Tiki Tee from "Crazy Shirts"

 Tiki Tee from Tommy Bahama

Disney Tiki Tee
This shirt is about 14 year old.  While it's seen better days, I can't bring myself to throw it out (at least until I somehow find a suitable replacement).

 60's inspired Mickey Tee
Far out man!

Perry The Platypus from the Disney cartoon
Phineas and Pherb

This was the perfect shirt to wear at the Disney Parks during my last trip (and I wasn't the only Dad to do so)

Shirts for the Geek-Dad..
Hulk/Kool Aid Man tee from "Tee Fury"

Ronald on the down low! Tee from "Glennz Tees"

Rat Fink/Back to the Future Tee from "Tee Fury"

Family Guy Drunken Clam Tee from "Tee Fury"

80's Toyline M.U.S.C.L.E.

Kinnikuman Anime Tee

Miscellaneous Tees..
Hey.. We DO!

Jimmy Buffett Tees..

Beer Tees..
The majority of the shirts pictured below are from Old Chicago restaurant.  The shirts were obtained by finishing Mini Beer tours.  You can read more about Old Chicago Mini Beer Tours here.

 Headless Horseman w/beer in hand Glow in the dark tee

Leprechaun with his little mug of gold

So there you have it.. nearly 50 of my favorite t-shirts from my collection.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hoarder or anything!  I go through my shirts on a regular basis and discard or re-purpose any shirt that starts looking shabby. Maybe I'll post some more pictures sometime, because the shirts pictured above are just a portion of my collection.


  1. Fantastic collection! My favorites are "Kickin' it Old School" and "Hulk Kool-Aid Man". I myself have quite a few (though much less than 50) amongst rock shirts and comic book shirts. Right now I'm wearing an Iron Maiden shirt under my sweater so no one sees it, but I know it's there.

    1. The Hulk shirt garners lots of looks. I need to lose about 5 pounds for it to fit perfect again. LOL

      Your shirt.. is it an Iron Maiden Eddie Tee?!? Many of my friends had those growing up (and as adults) I need to get some more music tee's myself. Cheers!

  2. this is only part of your colletion? man I've got some work to do to catch up!!

    1. Yes sir. I have a bunch more that I use for work shirts, etc!

  3. I smell a hoarder! Ha ha! I can't speak, I have a million pairs of shoes.

    1. LOL! I was starting to worry as I was snapping these pics! (So I made dang well sure I threw out the rattiest shirts in my dresser)


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