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Music and memories rediscovered during this weeks Retro treasure hunt..

During this weeks retro treasure hunts, I came across some interesting music.  Take a gander..

The classic album with the song..
"Hello Mudduh.. Hello Fadduh"
We couldn't get enough of this tune as kids!

My brother had Streisand's SUPERMAN album when we were kids.  I don't know about my brother, but I enjoyed looking at this album cover and inserts, more than listening to the music.

Andy Gibb...  on 8-track nonetheless!!

 John Tesh's "Monterey Nights" on cassette!  

I guess John Tesh is still doing his "thang" with music these days, and touring worldwide.  While most people I know scoff at the thought of John Tesh being a musical talent, just look at what he's accomplished in his career.. 

His radio show 'Intelligence for Your Life' reaches 14.2 Million listeners a week, is syndicated, and played on over 400 stations in US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  John Tesh has won six Emmys, has four gold albums, is a two time Grammy nominee, has an Associated Press award for investigative journalism, has sold over eight million records, has performed live concerts that have raised more than $20 million for PBS, and his NBC Basketball Theme was voted one of the top three sports themes of all time.

What a career!  Not bad for a cat that many folks like to poke fun at huh?

 Mr. "Gomer Pyle" himself sings!

Some actors play a role so good, the role itself becomes bigger than they are.  That being said, some actors can never shake the branding of the characters they played.  Case in point.. Pee Wee Herman, Urkel, and Gilligan.  Jim Nabors had a heck of a time being taken serious for awhile, but in regards to singing, no one could deny his talent.

With a rich baritone singing style, Nabors carved out quite the career for himself as a proven musical talent.  Nabors has released 28 albums.. all of which were certified as Gold or Platinum.  He's also had a gig for over 30 years singing "Back home in Indiana again" before the start of the Indianapolis 500.   Listen to him belt out the song "My Cup Runneth Over", and you'll be sold on this cat's musical prowess!

Justin Wilson's Party Tape

Now this is a relic I'm truly sorry I passed up.  I mean.. it's Justin Wilson (The Cooking Cajun).. and he's got a party tape!?!  My research indicates that Mr. Wilson had over 25 albums released over his career, although I think many of them were anecdotal storytelling albums rather than musical.  I swung by the thrift store today (black Friday) where I saw this tape, to see if it was still available for purchase, but alas.. it was long gone.  I guess that'll teach me for passing up retro items that I'm on the fence about.


  1. OMG! Thanks for the laughs...I always wonder if I should be embarrassed by being born in the 70s, but what fantastic stuff ;)

  2. Kitty: Heh Heh.. there was a time when I was embarrassed, but now I embrace it wholeheartedly!


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