Retro sayings to use when you really dig something..

Tired of using the same old sayings to express your fondness or excitement about things you adore?  Here's a few retro sayings you can use in lieu of current boring standbys such as, "I really like.." or "I really love.."

The Bee's Knees 
example: I stumbled upon a retro web site called Dads Dish, and by golly..  it's the Bee's Knees!

The Cats pajamas
example: Have you seen the new Chevy Camaro?  It's truly the Cats pajamas!

The Cats Meow
example: That new restaurant we went to last night was really the Cat's Meow!

Over the moon
example: I'm over the moon about those new fudge covered OREO's!

The Most
example:  I met a girl named Mary Lou, and let me tell you.. that girl is the most!

Try using these around your folks, grandparents, and the elderly, and see what kind of reactions you get.  I know there's more great ones out there, so if there are any cool and unique sayings you like to use, please share! I'm always looking for new retro phrases and saying to work into my vernacular.