7 Days of toys Day 6 AND 7...

Sorry about skipping a day in my 7 days of toys series, but my trusty and faithful companion "Toshi" has sadly passed.  Toshi was my super fast, super reliable 5 year old Toshiba Laptop.  She was with me back when I first embarked upon blogging, and it makes me sad when I think of the thousands of hours I spent writing and creating with her.

So begins my hunt for a new laptop that can measure up to the power, speed, and reliability of Toshi.  I will have limited access to a computer for this next week, so I'm posting my final two days worth of toys on one single post.

I might write a few shorter posts via my cell phone this week if any thoughts or ideas are fighting to make their way out of my head.  Now.. on to the toys!
Barney Rubble ..

This is one of those toys in my collection that I'm kind of fuzzy about.  All I know about it, is that it's a licensed Hanna Barbera figure, and that I believe I got it in the late 1970's or early 80's.  I might have gotten it out of a bubble gum machine, or possibly from a kids meal.

The Burger King

This is a Burger King eraser/pencil topper from 1970's.   These are from the days when a real live person actually acted, and appeared in commercials as "The Burger King".   No kids.. there was no creepy lifeless dummy with the frozen expression that they use in the commercials today.

Do any of you old folks like me need your memory jogged? Check out the vintage commercial below..

And another..  pre-dating the live action King.

Aw heck... since I won't be blogging very much this week, here's a bonus toy from my collection.  My old Duncan Yo-yo!

Yo-yo's are the second oldest toy in the world right after dolls.  They were originally created as a weapon which interestingly enough, my friends and I sometimes utilized them for (don't tell my mom).  My how times have changed when kids don't even know how to use a yo-yo properly.  I'd go as far to say that some kids couldn't even tell you what a yo-yo is!

My very first yo-yo was an Orange and white Duncan Butterfly that my old man bought me.  I wore that one out and broke it beyond repair, and I replaced it with this red one with gold lettering.  I went through endless yo-yo strings, and could do some pretty fancy tricks like walking the dog, going around the world, and skinning the cat.  Check out a commercial from Duncan yo-yo's glory days..

I can honestly say that I haven't seen any children (other than my own) playing with a yo-yo for at least two decades.  When I was a kid, every one I knew had yo-yo's.  They were a great toy you could carry around in your pocket, and it gave you something to do anywhere you were other than church and in the car.  They were also great for building a child's hand and eye coordination.  I wonder.. are yo-yo's even readily available for purchase these days?