7 Days of toys.. Day 5. The Pillsbury Doughboy

Remember how many great advertising characters there used to be on television?  The Dow scrubbing Bubbles, Twinkie the Kid, The Frito Bandito, Sugar Bear, and Tony the Tiger, all helped to sell billions of dollars worth of products for their respective companies.

While some advertising characters are still alive and well.. many are mere shells of what they used to be in their glory days.  One character who has stood the test of time however is the Pillsbury Doughboy.  Here's a vinyl Doughboy doll and key-chain from my toy collection..

Did you know that in the mid 1970's there was an entire Doughboy family?  The Doughboy.. who is really named  Poppin' Fresh, had a wife named Poppie Fresh, a child named Baby Bun Bun, grandparents named Grandmommer, and Grandpopper, and a puppy named Flapjack!!  All characters were available in toy form, and if you're looking to form your own Poppin' fresh family, you can occasionally find them for sale on ebay.