7 Days of toys.. Day 4. Electronic Touchdown

Back in the day, Sears and Montgomery Wards were both veritable smorgasbords for kids toys.  My mom visited both stores often, and bought my brother and I this Electronic Touchdown game back in 1978.  This was a liscensed game made by Coleco, exclusively available for purchase at Sears. Coleco's version of the game was called "Electronic Quarterback".  It looked identical except for the sticker color which was green or blue, and of course a Coleco logo in place of the Sears logo.

No fancy graphics on these old LED games, that's for sure!  Your players were little red dashes, and the football was a dot, not very much bigger than the period at the end of this sentence.  The game was actually cutting edge back in 1978, because you had two blockers you could control to protect your quarterback until he had a clear throw.  You could also play one or two player games which my brother and I did quite often.

I remember playing this game literally for hours on end, and it felt as if I was always begging my mom to buy me more 9 volt batteries.  The bright red LED display was perfect for allowing me to play the game under my covers at night when I was supposed to be sleeping.  However.. the loud fan fare that played when you scored a touchdown actually gave me away, and got me in trouble on more than one occasion on school nights!!

My how things have changed!  I wonder how many minutes a kid of the 21st century could play this game before being totally bored senseless?