7 Days of toys.. Day 3. McDonald's toys

These are McWrist wallets (secret compartment watches) from 1977. There were several colors of these made, featuring different McDonald Land characters on the faces of the watches. The two watches shown below both feature Ronald McDonald. You can click on the images to see larger pictures.


The first one of these watches I ever got was personally handed to me in a goodie bag by Ronald McDonald himself at a McDonald's grand opening in Pomona California!  It was a yellow Hamburgler watch, which unfortunately broke long ago.  I wore that watch everywhere, and often used it to carry a dollars worth of quarters.  My friends and I would also use them to carry secret spy messages, notes, etc.

Side note:  Did I  mention that this was a Pre-Happy Meal toy?  Lots of goodies like rings, hand puppets, etc. were given out years before happy meals were even offered!